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TIME 03:00HRS                                                                                                   Marks : 70

Q 1. Tick the correct answer:-                                                                        M 16

  1. —-tool selects a rectangular area
  • Select             (b) Free-form select

(c) Brush                      (d) Nano the these

  1. The ——–option of edit menu select the entire image

(a) Select all                   (b) Cut

(c) Paste                       (d) None of these

  1. The cut command helps to ——-the selected part of the image

(a) Cut             (b) Paste           (c) Copy          (d) None of these

  1. Which computer are used weather forecasting

(a) Mini computer                    (b)  Supercomputer

(c) Mainframe computer          (d) Microcomputer

  1. The CPU is known as ———of the computer

(a) Heart          (b) Hands         (c) Brain          (d) None of these

  1. The supercomputer designed by India is

(a) Param 10000                      (b) Param 20000

(c) Param 30000                      (d) None of these

7    Doctors use computer to keep the records of their patient and their case histories

(a) Hospitals                (b) Banks

(c) Schools                   (c) None of these

8     A computer is considered t be an ————-machine

(a) Accurate                 (b) Insecure

(c) interesting               (d) Inefficient

9     The word ‘computer’ is taken from the word ‘computer’ which is a —-word

(a) French                    (b) Sanskrit

(c) Greek                     (d) English

10   compute are use in—-to keep the accounts of customers and various other records

(a) School                    (b) Banks

(c) House                     (d) None of these


Q 2. T or F :-                                              M 7

  1. Curve tool is used to draw closed figure.
  2. The free-form select tool is used to select a rectangular shaped area.
  3. Hardware and software are not inter-dependent
  4. You can touch and feel software.
  5. All the computers are of the same size.
  6. Minicomputers are most capable than micro computer
  7. A computer cannot think by itself .

Q 3. Matching:-                                                                       M 5

  1. To make bills School
  2. To reserve tickets Banks
  3. To keep accounts Shops
  4. To teach various Hospital
  5. To keep patients ‘s records Airports

Q 4.Unyimbled words:-                                                         M 6



Q 5. Fill in the blanks :-                                                          M 9

  1. A computer is a ——————machine (Multipurpose/ Slow)
  2. Computer are used in banks to keep the ——— of customer and various records (Bills/account)
  3. Doctors use computer to keep the records of their —————–and their case histories (patient /students)
  4. Computer are used by ———in schools to teach subjects like science, mathematics, English, G.K., etc. through CDs. (Teachers /Doctors.)
  5. A computer is considered to be 100%—–(wrong/accurate)
  6. Hardware and Software are the two main parts of a ———(computer/reper)
  7. ————-includes the parts of the computer that we can touch. (software/hardware)
  8. ————-is a set of instructions or a program (software/hardware)
  9. There are——main types of software (two/four)

Q 6. Q –A :- (Any four )                                                         M 25

  1. What is the use of curve tool ?
  2. What is hardware ?
  3. What is software ?
  4. Name the four types of computer devices ?
  5. What are input device ?
  6. What is a computer ?
  7. Name at least two places where you have seen a computer.

Q 7. Write the names tool :-                                                   M